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About Us

Healthcare is our passion, in particular WOUNDS!

Starting in the specialized medical information field, perhaps ahead of our time, we morphed into a specialized medical device consultancy business and also into the world of medical publishing. Check out our portfolio of clients.

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Our Story

Our CEO, Douglas Queen, created the company to provide medical information on the web, in particular for niche healthcare areas. Sadly we were ahead of our time and sufficient traction was not achieved to reach our goals. A pivot to creating a specialized international wound care journal through partnership with Wiley Inc allowed us to achieve our goal of driving the clinical specialty of wound care. About a decade ago Dr Queen rolled his medical device consultancy under the Inc banner. Over the 25 years of existence we have continued our mission of helping caregivers manage persons with wounds. Your passion is our passion!

At Inc., our team of expert consultants specializes in serving niche businesses that require tailored solutions. We pride ourselves on being customer-focused and dedicated to providing high-quality consulting services that meet the unique needs of each and every client.

Meet The Team

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Our Clients

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