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Our Publications

Welcome to our publication area. Currently and for the past nearly 25 years we have published the International Wound Journal with our publishing partner, Wiley Inc. As two leading experts in wound care, both clinically and scientifically, Keith Harding and Douglas Queen developed a new unique medical publishing model to further the clinical and scientific field of wound care. As the orphan subject was growing at different paces within different geographies, they wished to create an international offering that was equitable to all, but highlighted ALL research regardless of origin. Current publications in this field, while claiming to be international, were mostly regional. All stakeholders, including the industry (for the most part the sponsors and advertisers of current publications), had a desire for change and the delivery of something more appropriate to their needs. International offerings are plentiful in mature developed clinical and scientific subjects, but sparse or non-existent for orphan clinical/scientific areas. Wound care in the early 2000's was clearly in that camp.

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